Monthly Food Drive

Fertile Ground is giving food to 10 needy families per month. Your donations will allow us to help feed children who otherwise may not have a hot meal that day. Thank you for your continued support.

Tent City Relief Fund

Imagine a place where people live with little hope for the future. Imagine a place where tents replace houses, suitcases replace dressers and sterno cans replace stoves. Imagine a place where there is no running water, no electricity, no public sewer system, little food and little protection from the elements. Can you see it? Can you imagine such a place? Now imagine this place not in a 3rd world country or in some distant, far removed land, but right here in America, in our own back yard.

Fertile Ground has partnered with Nehemiah Group in New Jersey to help provide relief for the families living in Tent City.


Back to School Days

Fertile Ground partnered with Building Hope Inc. to give away almost 200 Backpacks filled with school supplies to children in DC, MD and VA.

Warm Heads, Hands & Feet

We all know how cold the winters can be on the East Coast. Imagine having to go to school without a warm coat or a hat for your head. Fertile Ground is collecting Hats, Gloves, Socks & Coats for our youth. We will be distributing these items throughout the Northeast Region. Help keep a child warm by donating now.


Christmas Drive

Fertile Ground will once again be partnering with Building Hope Inc. to provide Christmas gifts for children in need. We will also be providing food gift cards to the parents. Beginning November 1, 2011 you will be able to purchase online the items that the children have requested.