Darnell Self and Mike Humes are household names in the world of LegalShield. They have created very lucrative businesses and have impacted thousands of lives along the way. However, these two gentlemen are driven by the opportunity to give back to others. For many years they have contributing their time, money, and knowledge throughout North America and abroad.

Michael Humes

Michael Humes is a millionaire on a mission to empower others to identify and fulfill their true purpose. He accomplishes this by guiding people from all walks of life through a system of generational wealth building that leads to the time freedom needed to discover and develop their true interests and callings. The philosophy he espouses is that “It is impossible to stop a man or woman who will not quit!”

Michael is uniquely qualified to proffer this philosophy as his life story epitomizes the ideal of not quitting. He was raised by his mother in a violent and impoverished inner city environment, yet persevered to graduate from high school and be admitted to college. College proved to be challenging both financially and academically, but Michael did not revert to the urban street lifestyle. Rather, he honored the ethics and morality instilled in him and went on to become very successful. A decision made in a friend’s basement was the catalyst for the creation of a destiny defining organization spearheaded by Michael and his business partners, Darnell and Traci Self, called Team NuVision. This team began with a core group of seven individuals and now boasts in excess of 200,000 associates and growing. An initial investment of $249 has yielded nearly $5 million in income in less than a decade for Michael.

The lifestyle benefits of Michael’s refusal to quit include the ability to spend precious time with his 8 year old daughter, Mikayla. As a single father, the time freedom has been a dream come true. Thanks to his mother, Michael was taught the value of “giving back” at a young age. As a result he gives away Thanksgiving Baskets to families in need, awards College Scholarships to deserving students in the community, and along with his friend and mentor, Darnell they are able to feed and clothe entire villages in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Michael also donates tens of thousands of dollars to ministries and charities.

Darnell Self

Darnell Self, along with his wife Traci, and business partner, Michael Humes, has cultivated a culture within his industry that is being studied and observed by others seeking to emulate the efficacy of his organization. In a short period of time, the success system implemented by this team has produced thirty-nine six figure income earners who work from home, a feat that has yet to be replicated by any other organization, and an immeasurable number of associates who have matched or exceeded their income from their fulltime employment. Under Darnell’s leadership, the team has generated $100 million in revenue and earned $100 million in income since its inception.

Darnell is not limited to one venture, but also underwrites the dreams of other entrepreneurs by providing mentoring and even startup capital. His generosity with his time and resources is substantiated by his charitable contribution record. He and his business partners supply entire villages in Haiti and the Dominican Republic with essentials such as food and clothing. He donates almost six figures per year to ministries and other worthwhile causes. With as many years before him as behind him, there is no plausible speculation of the ultimate impact Darnell will have on our society. He is gifted by God with the ability to expose others to knowledge beyond their environment, to develop a legacy of lasting leadership, and to empower others to acquire economic freedom.

Darnell and Traci are honored and humbled by the position they hold, and pray that they grow to be the bridge that the masses need to see in order to start their walk to their purposed place. Darnell and Traci live in Maryland with their 4 children-Ravaughn, Malik, Makai, and Milan.